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Customer Experiences Matter

The other day, I was at the Million Dollar Consulting Convention and decided to go to dinner with three of my colleagues. Normally we’d just call for an Uber but instead decided to grab a taxi, which was sitting a few feet away from the hotel entrance.

I approached the taxi and knocked on the passenger window to ask the driver if he could give us a lift. He looked startled. I guess not too many people these days use taxis! He finally agreed. I waited for what seemed like hours, as he moved the heaps of junk on his passenger seat as well as the pack of cigarettes, which obviously he had been smoking. On route, he asked several times where we were going and for the address. This confused me and quite frankly was annoying, as his phone was sitting in it’s cradle.

That my friends, was the last taxi ride for me. I’m heading back over to my ride share app. I now understand why the taxi industry has gone from a monopoly to an industry that could disappear in the next few years.

I’m wondering how many of you are reading this and have customers that have abandoned your company because the customer experience has declined substantially. Chances are you may not even know this is happening until it’s too late.

Try this out: Over the next week or two, ride alongside one of your employees who is the face of your company to your customers. Take note of the experience. Then write to me and let me know what you’ll be doing differently as a result of what you observed.

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