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How to Create a Solar System of Talent

How Executives Can Hire Top Talent

I used to be like many of you. I’d constantly complain about something, yet I was unwilling to do things differently to get the results I had hoped for. Then one day, it hit me. All the complaining in the world wasn’t going to change a darn thing. If I really wanted to achieve different results, I’d have to change what I was doing.

I hear executives complain all the time about their inability to find talent. Yet, they keep doing what they’ve always been doing and guess what? They’re getting the same results. I’m running out of sympathy. Here’s why.

You have to change your approach to achieve different results. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight (and who hasn’t) then you know you have to change your lifestyle in order to get results. Yep. No shortcuts there! Same thing goes for hiring. If your hiring strategy (assuming you have one) isn’t yielding results, then you need to make some dramatic changes.

Start by holding hiring managers responsible for hiring. I know that sounds radical. But hey, they’re called hiring managers for a reason. When you do this, I guarantee that filling positions will go from, “I’ll get to it when I can,” to “Hey, can you take a few minutes to interview this candidate I’ve just found.”

Recruit like your sales depend on it. Companies don’t think twice about investing in anything sales related. Yet when asked to invest an additional dime into recruiting efforts, most don’t. Here’s the thing. Your revenues do depend on your ability to sell and service new products and services. You can’t do this without good people.

My clients, who view employees as assets, don’t think twice about investing to hire stellar talent. If your companies views employees as an expense, then save yourself some bucks. Don’t change a thing in regards to your approach.

Speed rules. You may choose to do nothing after reading this post, but my hope is you’ll do something. If you only do one thing, speed up your hiring process. The quickest way to do this is to involve only those responsible for the performance of a new hire in the hiring process. For most of you, this will slash your hiring time in half.

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