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Humane Leadership, Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

I love all things Italian. I mean, who doesn’t? And I now love Italian born Brunello Cucinelli, although we’ve never met! At least not yet.  I watched with interest this week’s CBS Sunday Morning, which featured Brunello Cucinelli, who is both a world-class luxury clothing designer and a humanitarian. His story is impressive, and his […]

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Let’s Get Growing: Evergreen Talent Teleconference

Spring is here. Let’s get growing! You’ve been asking me for this and I’ve finally decided to say yes and share my latest thought-leadership on how to seed, cultivate, and grow a sustainable workforce. My forthcoming book, Evergreen Talent, won’t be out until 2020. However, I’m going to give you a jump start on the […]

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Seven Questions to Help You Achieve Dramatic Growth

Here are seven questions to think about as you work towards achieving outrageous growth. What’s the one thing you can do today to maximize talent and revenue growth? The answer should consist of certain actions that you can take to immediately accelerate your ability to fill jobs with the right people, increase productivity and grow […]

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If You Are Serious, Do Something Now!

“I’ll put it on my calendar.” “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” “We can do this ourselves.” This may be true, but from where I stand, too many people are fooling themselves. Sure, they will put something on their calendar and then they won’t look at their calendar. This business of getting to it tomorrow is […]

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Check Out My Podcast with Shawn Casemore

Check out my interview on The Growth Inspired Podcast with Shawn Casemore!

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The Simple Success Secrets Of b.good You Can Replicate

In a competitive industry like the restaurant business, it’s difficult to differentiate one fast-casual restaurant from another. But that hasn’t stopped b.good from standing out in a crowded field. They’ve accomplished this with one special ingredient—the community they serve. “When we started the business, my partner and I were very naïve and had never worked […]

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