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Three Ways to Unclog Your Organization

I was on a conference call this afternoon with a colleague who informed me that it was raining inside her car. Apparently, the vents in her sunroof were clogged. A little bit of preventative maintenance would have prevented Mother Nature from raining on her parade today. As her story unfolded, I began to think about […]

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Are Your People Speaking the Same Language As Your Customers?

A funny thing happened to our family while we were in Turkey. After eating Turkish food for a solid two weeks, my kids were thrilled to see Grilled Cheese on the menu. Imagine their surprise (and disappointment) when a piece of grilled cheese arrived at our table. That’s right. A piece of white cheese with […]

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What Employees Really Need From Their Bosses

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Communicating with Authority

I was recently asked for tips on how to communicate with senior level executives and managers.Here are my top five tips on how to communicate with authority. Be prepared-Know what you want to say and say it. Practice exactly what you need to say until you feel confident that you are succinct. After all, time […]


A Note From The Butcher Himself

See what Italy's most famous butcher has to say about my recent FastCompany post. I'm now counting the days (okay, years) until my return. Are your customers yearning to return? What are you doing to stay in touch with them? Response from the Butcher on FastCompany

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Timeless Communication Tips for New Grads from Guest Blogger, Marjorie Whittaker

A colleague of mine, who will be presenting at Northeastern University this  evening, sent me this posting. I told her it was too darn good to keep a secret. So I’m spreading the word. The advice applies to both experienced and newly minted grads. I hope you find this information useful and feel free to […]


The “Tile People” Versus the “Carpet People”

I love this story as it reminds me of how sometimes are best intentions are railroaded by barriers we didn't even know existed. To find out more, go to my Fast Company Blog and read The Tile People Versus the Carpet People. You'll love the ending!


Class of 2013

I'm a huge fan of Beloit College's annual mindset list, which is published in late August. It provides a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students in college who are scheduled to graduate in particular year. In this case, the year is 2013. Most of these students were born in the […]

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Watch Your Language

My 10 year old son came home the other day with his permission slip for an upcoming field trip to the Museum of Science. Before handing it over to me, he read the note, including the section on what he could and could not bring on the bus. When he got to the end, he […]

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