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What’s Love Got To Do With Productivity And Profitability?

Plenty! It has everything to do with keeping employees engaged, customers content and loyal, and the bottom line growing strong. Like many of you, I go out of my way to do business with companies where I’m treated like I matter. For example, look at food retailer Trader Joe’s. Can’t find an item? Simply ask, […]

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What If You Could Delight Your Customers?

customer engagement, delighting your customers, employee engagement

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Call Me…Maybe!

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The Problem With Customer Surveys

Employee engagement, customer feedback, surveys, Crowne Plaza Hotel

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Why Perfection is Overrated

Eventually it was bound to happen. I experienced an evening at my favorite restaurant Barcelona, in Brookline, MA, which wasn’t perfect. I’ve been to this place a number of times and have always walked away completely impressed with the food and quite satisfied with the service. However, this was not the case on my last […]

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Flying on an Empty Stomach

Last week, I took a non-stop flight on American Airlines to San Francisco. At least I thought it was a non-stop. Everyone on our full flight was strapped into their seats and we were ready for an on time departure. That was until the flight attendant announced that our 6.5 hour flight had a grand […]

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Are You Making it Impossible for Customers to Buy From You?

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A Message to Every CEO, Senior Executive and Business Owner

executive breakfast, talent maximization, solar system of talent

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Is Your Executive Assistant Helping or Hurting Your Brand

customer service, talent, your brand, proftis

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Last Impressions are First Impressions

The following is a guest post by Shawn Casemore: Last impressions are first impressions. I have spent the better part of the last few weeks flying to various events and client meetings. My travels have resulted in numerous encounters with flight attendants and other support staff, and I often find it interesting to observe the […]

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