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The Real Truth About Learning

I was recently asked to coach an executive, who was having a difficult time assimilating into her new leadership role, even though her company had invested a ton of money sending her to an executive leadership program. She confided in me that she could barely recall what she had learned six months ago. I’m not […]

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Why Now May Be The Time To Quit Your Executive Job

General Electric just told the city of Boston that they were scaling back their plans to grow the Boston HQ significantly. While that move alone may not mean much to you, they have to reimburse the state $87M of incentive money given to them when they agreed to move their corporate headquarters from Connecticut to […]

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Should Exit Interviews be Shown the Door?

A business owner recently asked me if I thought he should have an exit interview with an employee who just gave notice. Here’s my response: Are you REALLY open to making changes so that others don’t leave for the same reason. If you can’t answer yes, then don’t waste the employee’s time. Here’s what I […]

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How Boring Companies Can Retain Talent

I have a friend who has been employed by a public utility for over twenty-five years. Talk about an industry and a company that most would not find sexy! Yet, at the age of 59 years old, she’s still receiving promotions and most recently found herself in a new job that she knows nothing about. […]

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How to Thank Your Employees All Year Long

Are you guilty of thanking your people only on special holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas? Research on employee engagement consistently shows, that how you feel is often more important than what you earn. In a study funded by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, and Badgeville, a gamification company, surveyed 1,200 U.S. employees from […]

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See You Later Boss!

Admit it. You’ve either told your employer a white lie on the way out the door or you know someone who has. Who can blame you? However, as an employer these little white lies do more harm than good. How can you fix what may be broken in your organization if you don’t know where […]

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The Simple Success Secrets Of b.good You Can Replicate

In a competitive industry like the restaurant business, it’s difficult to differentiate one fast-casual restaurant from another. But that hasn’t stopped b.good from standing out in a crowded field. They’ve accomplished this with one special ingredient—the community they serve. “When we started the business, my partner and I were very naïve and had never worked […]

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Will Obama’s New Overtime Rules Put the “Nap Culture” to Rest?

For the past several years, companies have been trying to outdo one another with an array of perks that remind younger workers of their youth. Walk into any newly designed office these days and you’ll see the mandatory ping-pong table as well as the dedicated space where workers are encouraged to take naps. Is this […]

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The Shocking Truth About Millennials

Companies are spending a ton of money trying to figure out how to attract and engage the millennials, when all a long they’ve had the answers right in front of them. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review, written by Bruce Pfau, titled, What Do Millennials Really Want From Work, is quite revealing. According […]

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Front Line Talent Matters

Lots of companies don’t pay enough attention to the people they are hiring to interact with their customers. Thankfully Pret a Manger does. Last week I made a quick stop at their downtown location to grab a cup of coffee. I quickly ran off to use the restroom, while the barista was making my coffee. Imagine […]

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