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How Executives (Or Anyone Else) Can Bounce Back After Being Let Go

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Breaking the News to Laid Off Workers

Here we go again. Another company planning to lay off workers in a group meeting because it’s easier for the employer to do it this way. How about what’s in the best interest of those who will be laid off and the survivors who will be huddling near the water cooler waiting until it’s their […]

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Telecommuters and the World of Layoffs

It seems that opinions vary as to whether or not telecommuters are more at risk at being laid off than their office-based counterparts. Here's my opinion. I do believe that telecommuters are more at risk when it comes to being laid off. Now before you start posting nasty notes, notice how I said that I do […]

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How I see it

I finally couldn't take it anymore. It seems like I'm receiving calls and e-mails on a daily basis from people sharing their horrific stories about the way companies are treating them on the way out. So I decided to do something about it. I wrote an Op-ed piece to Mass High Tech Employees May be […]

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