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You’re Kidding, Right? 50% of New Hires Fail

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Toxic Employees: Are They Leaving a Bad Taste in the Mouths of Your Customers?

customer service, customer retention, toxic employees, workplace conflict, leadership

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The Truth Doesn’t Hurt: It Actually Helps

talent maximization, performance management, employee engagement

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And The Oscar Goes To…

leaders, performance, talent maximization, managing up

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Are You Making A Blizzard Out Of Nothing?

performance management, talent maximization

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Why It Pays To Make Exceptions

rewarding exceptional performance, Talent Magnetism, Performance Management

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How to Improve Employee Performance In Seven Easy Steps

employee productivity, performance management, leadership

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Increasing Profitability by Giving Your Managers An Extra 8 Hours a Week

In a recent survey developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm it was discovered that  on average, supervisors spend 17 percent of their time — nearly one day per week — overseeing poorly performing employees. However, managers aren’t the only ones to suffer the effects of a bad hire. Ninety-five percent […]

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The Real Cost of Zero Percent Pay Increases

Companies everywhere are trying to reign in spiraling costs. The first thing to go is usually pay increases. But is this approach costing or saving organizations money? Eliminating pay raises, particularly for top performers, costs more than you think. Here are five signs that indicate you might have made a mistake by telling your top […]

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Why Small Businesses Have Such a Hard Time Firing People

I was recently interviewed by CNN and was asked why small business owners find it so difficult to fire people. I don’t believe this situation is limited to small businesses, as I’ve worked in a number of organizations where ineffective people were able to hide out for years. Some were never discovered and may even […]

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