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Will Obama’s New Overtime Rules Put the “Nap Culture” to Rest?

For the past several years, companies have been trying to outdo one another with an array of perks that remind younger workers of their youth. Walk into any newly designed office these days and you’ll see the mandatory ping-pong table as well as the dedicated space where workers are encouraged to take naps. Is this […]

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Three Ways You Can Immediately Improve Workplace Productivity

Let’s not make increasing workplace productivity harder than it has to be. Here are three ways you can immediately improve productivity in your workplace. Stop switching gears every five minutes. It’s hard to get anything done, when you are asked to change directions five different times. Assign the work and let your people complete their […]

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How to Move Into the Big Leagues With No Experience

My friend told me the story of her fourteen-year old daughter, who is quite the athlete. She decided to go out for the squash team this semester, even though she had never held a squash racket in her hand. She made the team. The surprise wasn’t that she actually made the team, as she is […]

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5 Tips for a Productive and Profitable Year

How profitable will your business be this year? It all depends on what you are willing to do to make it so. Begin with this: 1. Focus on employee retention. If you do only one thing different this year, it should be this. Companies are wasting millions of dollars every year on talent acquisition, when […]

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How To Stay Productive During The Holiday Season

It may seem like everyone is on vacation during the Christmas holidays but this simply isn’t true. In fact, this is the perfect time to get work done. Here are three things you can do to stay productive during the holiday season and all year long. Tear up your to-do list. If you are like […]

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The Blame Game Hurts Employee Retention

Lately people have been talking about the increase in employee turnover in their organizations. Here are their responses when asked why they believe this is so. I call this the Blame Game. It was simply a bad batch of new hires – If only this were true. Could it be possible that something has changed […]

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2014 Development Opportunities

The sky is the limit when you take charge of your own career! I don’t know about you, but if I don’t schedule items into my calendar, time passes by and I never get to those items. I wanted to make you are aware of some upcoming development opportunities, especially if you want to use […]

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How To Diffuse Workplace Conflict And Regain Your Sanity

Sources of conflict When workplace situations spiral out of control, they can be difficult to address. Familiarizing yourself with the following common sources of conflict will help you to diffuse situations before they occur: Lack of clarity. Employees wind up in turf wars when boundaries aren’t clearly defined. A well-written job description, along with clearly […]

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Cleaning House

I just spent the day dumping files that are no longer relevant to my life. You see about a year ago, I decided to move my business in a new direction. It’s taking a while to transition, but I’m just about there. I’m letting go of what’s no longer serving me well. That includes files […]

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Increasing Profitability by Giving Your Managers An Extra 8 Hours a Week

In a recent survey developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm it was discovered that  on average, supervisors spend 17 percent of their time — nearly one day per week — overseeing poorly performing employees. However, managers aren’t the only ones to suffer the effects of a bad hire. Ninety-five percent […]

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