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The Myth About Team Building

Both of my children are off on team building adventures at their schools this week. I don’t know about you, but we never did such a thing when I was growing up. That might explain why people in organizations act more like committees than team members. Here’s what I mean by this. My mentor, Alan […]

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So Long Olympics…Hello Productivity!

I know many of you are sad that the closing games of the 2012 Olympics are taking place as I write. I for one am glad, as it’s time to get back to work. My friends in Silicon Valley have Facebooked (is that even a word) pictures of large screens displaying the Olympics during working […]

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Are You Doing the Same Things and Getting No Where?

I stay in touch with my prospects and often find that nothing has changed since our last conversation, although they swear they’ve been working diligently on matters related to their businesses. Now imagine where they would be today if they had accepted the help they needed and were able to move forward? Here are five […]

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The Real Cost of Zero Percent Pay Increases

Companies everywhere are trying to reign in spiraling costs. The first thing to go is usually pay increases. But is this approach costing or saving organizations money? Eliminating pay raises, particularly for top performers, costs more than you think. Here are five signs that indicate you might have made a mistake by telling your top […]

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What’s Stinking Up Your Business?

It’s winter here in New England, which means I have my annual cold. I can’t taste or smell a darn thing. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my children. Yesterday, my eleven-year old daughter told me the milk tasted rotten. How could that be? It wasn’t set to expire for another few days […]

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Five Ways to Ensure Business Success in the New Year

The Christmas holidays are over and thoughts are turning to the New Year. Here are five ways to ensure business success in the New Year. Have a plan-Saying you are going to be successful in the New Year and becoming successful are often not one and the same. Have a step-by-step plan, with metrics to […]

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Why I’m Bringing in an Expert to Help Me Achieve My Objectives

Why do so many of us continue doing things the same way, although we know from experience that our objectives will not be met? Let’s take a subject many of us can  relate to as we head into the New Year. Weight loss. For years, I would join a weight loss program on or around […]

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Why Indifference May be Slowly Killing Your Organization

You know you’ve got an employee engagement problem when you have employees who are indifferent. Let’s call these people moderately disengaged. They’re not the worst employees you’ve ever had. However, they aren’t the best either. Most companies do nothing about these people. Here’s why this is a mistake. Moderately disengaged employees are like a pot […]

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Why Small Businesses Have Such a Hard Time Firing People

I was recently interviewed by CNN and was asked why small business owners find it so difficult to fire people. I don’t believe this situation is limited to small businesses, as I’ve worked in a number of organizations where ineffective people were able to hide out for years. Some were never discovered and may even […]

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Can “C” Players Be Fixed?

Can “C” players on your team be fixed? Maybe they can, but what I would like to know is why these people are still employed by your company when there are plenty of A players available for hire. Here’s what happens when you allow these people to stay. You devote the lion’s share of your […]

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