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Are Telecommuters More at Risk?

I received this e-mail today from a colleague: Do you think people who are full time salaried with companies, but who telecommute 100% of the time, are more likely to be the first to be laid off during a downsizing? An IT person for IBM worked from home. He got laid off a few months […]


Don’t Believe Everything you Read

My day started out pretty normal. A cup of coffee, a few miles on the treadmill and then hit the shower. When I returned to my office, my mailbox was full. I knew something was up. It turns out my article 5 Signs Your Job is on the Line is being featured on the Home Page of Yahoo!  I […]

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Unexpected layoff fallout – your kid disses you

CareerDiva, Eve Tahmincioglu just posted this story on her blog. Unexpected layoff fallout – your kid disses you . The story hits close to home for many. May 2009 find you gainfully employed. If you need help with your search, click here:Job Search Mentoring program

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