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If It Can Happen To Snoopy It Can Happen To You: How To Bounce Back After Being Fired

This just in. After 31 years of service, MetLife is giving Snoopy his walking papers. The company decided earlier this year to part with most of its U.S. life-insurance business and just the other day MetLife announced that Snoopy’s image will no longer be used on their blimp or in their marketing materials. No word […]

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Trying to Connect

I will be the first to admit that I do not get along well with technology. However, I am not sure it is entirely my fault. After hemming and hawing I decided to go wireless here at the beach. If I am going to work near the ocean, I might as well be on the […]

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A Toast!

Now I understand why employers shy away from hiring older workers. You see it has taken me three days to recover from almost a month of birthday festivities. My husband threw me not one, but two surprise parties within one week of each other. I suppose if I were turning 20, I would have rebounded […]

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How to Thrive Among Young Workers

Age has been on my mind a lot this week. You see, I am a June baby. We are aging, yet the workforce seems to be getting younger. I consider myself lucky because I don’t have to constantly figure out new ways to look hip in the office. I know others aren’t as fortunate. I […]

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