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Are Your Practices Driving Your Customers Away?

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Are You Doing the Same Things and Getting No Where?

I stay in touch with my prospects and often find that nothing has changed since our last conversation, although they swear they’ve been working diligently on matters related to their businesses. Now imagine where they would be today if they had accepted the help they needed and were able to move forward? Here are five […]

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What’s Stinking Up Your Business?

It’s winter here in New England, which means I have my annual cold. I can’t taste or smell a darn thing. Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for my children. Yesterday, my eleven-year old daughter told me the milk tasted rotten. How could that be? It wasn’t set to expire for another few days […]

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Nuggets from today’s Profitability Accelerator Teleconference

Small business owners and executives got their businesses off to a great start today. As some of you may know, I’m helping organizations kick their businesses into the stratosphere in 2012 and beyond, through my  free Profitability Accelerator Teleconference series. The next session, How to Increase Sales, is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th at Noon, […]

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Ten Tips for Small Business Success

As we begin the New Year I wanted to share with you an article that I wrote for Monster’s Small Business Portal. To Your Success! By:  Roberta Chinsky Matuson, Monster Contributing Writer Small business success is top of mind for business owners who are hoping that 2012 will be a sharp improvement over 2011. With […]

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Five Ways to Ensure Business Success in the New Year

The Christmas holidays are over and thoughts are turning to the New Year. Here are five ways to ensure business success in the New Year. Have a plan-Saying you are going to be successful in the New Year and becoming successful are often not one and the same. Have a step-by-step plan, with metrics to […]

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What’s Your Contingency Plan?

  This morning I decided to treat myself to a cappuccino at my local bakery. Imagine my disappointment when I was told their espresso machine was broken, which meant that I would not be able to buy what I wanted. I pass by this place daily so I decided to ask if they thought it […]

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Keep the Turkey: Show Me the Money

It’s been an incredibly challenging year for most workers, who continue to be asked to do more with less resources. That’s why it’s especially important to recognize and reward employees for their contribution, as the year winds down. While turkeys are certainly nice, they aren’t exactly what most workers are wishing for this holiday season. […]

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Here’s How You Build An Exceptional Workplace

Imagine for a moment that your spouse died last year and you are raising two children, of which one is disabled. You are working full-time and one day you find yourself ill. Your situation is such that the top physicians in the world can’t figure out how to treat you. Now imagine what your employer […]

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Is Your Company Heading for a Natural Disaster?

It’s been quite a week here in New England. I experienced my first earthquake, followed by the threat of the storm of the century. I’m glad to report that I’m still standing, as are all the trees on our property. This time we were ready, at least for the hurricane, as there were reports that […]

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