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The Real Truth About Teams

I’m from New England, where I guess you could say we know a lot about teams here. Our New England Patriot’s just brought home their sixth Super Bowl championship and our beloved Red Sox are the number one team in the nation. If you truly have a team, then the team wins and loses together. […]

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How to Avoid Becoming the Next Ryan Lochte

Several weeks ago, you may have dreamed of the day when you became as famous as Ryan Lochte. By now, I’m sure your dreams and goals have changed. Yet, what have we learned from this situation? Be honest-It’s so easy today for tiny white lies to explode into one big fat lie. Cameras are everywhere, […]

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How to Move Into the Big Leagues With No Experience

My friend told me the story of her fourteen-year old daughter, who is quite the athlete. She decided to go out for the squash team this semester, even though she had never held a squash racket in her hand. She made the team. The surprise wasn’t that she actually made the team, as she is […]

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Short-term Strategies to Win the War on Talent

Close your eyes and try to visualize what your workplace will look like in the not so distant future. If you envision a sea of cubicles filled with motivated employees, you are in for a huge awakening! Here’s the reality: We now have a record number of job openings in the U.S. The number is […]

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Inconsistent Consistency

We took our family out to breakfast this morning at one of our favorite restaurants, where I experienced first hand what happens when you deliver inconsistent consistency. My meal came out lukewarm and was severely lacking in flavor. I found the experience quite puzzling, as I’ve ordered this dish before and remember how flavorful the […]

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Why You Are Struggling To Fill Sales Jobs With Millennials-Part I

A few decades ago, a career in sales was a much sought-after career by young graduates entering the workforce. College seniors would clamor to get on the interview list of on-campus recruiters representing blue-chip companies like IBM and Xerox who were hungry for top sales talent. Today, it’s much harder to sell young people on […]

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Leadership Lessons From Las Vegas

I’m flying back from three jammed packed days in Las Vegas, where I had the privilege of presenting a session at the Saba @Work Conference, to a room full of people interested in upping their game in the world of talent acquisition and retention. Here are some lessons learned while attending the conference, as well […]

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The Leaving Speech: How To Get Your Employees To Stay By Preparing Them To Leave

I always tell my clients to start with the end goal in mind and work backwards. Magnetic leader, Rob Nixon, CEO & Founder at PANALITIX , and author of the newly released, Remaining Relevant, has taken this to the extreme. Nixon delivers an awesome leaving speech to each employee on his or her first day […]

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Employee Turnover And The Blame Game

Employee turnover is on the rise. Here’s some of the best excuses as to why this is so.  I call this the Blame Game. It was simply a bad batch of new hires – If only this were true. Could it be possible that something has changed in your organization? Have the needs of the […]

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Purposelful Hiring: How To Attract Millennials To Your Workplace

Deloitte just released its fourth annual Millennial Survey and the findings suggest what Millennials (and me) have known all along. Employers are barking up the wrong tree when it comes to hiring. That may very well explain why businesses are having an extremely difficult time attracting and hiring talent. Business leaders need to take a […]

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