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The Dirty Truth About Training

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Experience Matters

Yesterday, my husband and I paid a visit to Lowes to look at grills. We were quite impressed by the number of associates there to serve customers. That was until we discovered that none of these people knew anything about grills. You would think a place like Lowes would have one or two grill masters […]

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Thursday June 9 is Influencing Option Day!

In a profit culture, influencing beats commanding, controlling or ordering… every time! And winning your team over is better than ordering or pushing them around. But how to actually talk to your people with a language and philosophy that works for the long-term, supporting integrity and driving commitment? And without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority […]

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We’re All in this Together

I was reminded today how this generational thing is really not an us versus them type of thing, although many people would have you believe this is so. This made me think how we even got to this place. Sometimes when we try to "fix" things and we don't include all parties in the process, […]

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