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Are Your Practices Driving Your Customers Away?

I’m in the middle of a major renovation and if you’ve ever been through one yourself, you know exactly how much time and energy is required in order to make it through the process. Yesterday’s experience rose to the top of bizarre practices and made me wonder how businesses exist in spite of their non-customer […]

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A Tale of Two Hotels

I’m hosting an event in September and really wanted to give my business to the hotel where I hosted my last meeting. However, their policies and rigidness prevented me from doing so. On the other side of that coin is the hotel where I will be now hosting my event. The two experiences couldn’t be […]

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Do You Have a Clue How Your Brand is Being Represented?

File today’s post under you can’t make this up. I just called the reservation line for Hilton Hotels and was told the following. “Can you spell consulting? I’m not a good speller.” Yikes! “Can you spell Matuson?” I totally get, as my name isn’t the easiest to spell. Now here’s the ironic thing. I was […]

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How to Fill the Empty Seats in Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners are complaining that they are unable to fill the empty seats in their restaurants. Please, give me a reason to return to those days when it was fun to dine out. Here’s what I mean by this. Nothing would delight me more than suggesting to my family that we dine out tonight. After […]

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What Do You Do When Your Brand Goes Downhill?

I just got back from NYC where I attended a meeting in what used to be the jewel of boutique hotels–The W at Times Square. Judging from what I observed, and some of the complaints I heard from those who were staying there, the W Brand is on the decline. How would you like to […]

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Why is it that businesses seek perfect levels of customer service, yet few are able to achieve this goal consistently? I have my theories on this, which I will explain after I share with you my definition of perfection all around. When is the last time you dined out at a restaurant where everything was […]

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Shuffling Off to Buffalo

I’m on my way to Buffalo, courtesy of Southwest Airlines. No, they didn’t give me a free ticket. My “direct flight” from Hartford is heading to Buffalo for fuel. Why? I have no idea or believe me, I would be sharing this information with you. Passengers around the Globe are being kept in the dark. […]

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