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Should You Accept Every Promotion That Comes Your Way? Maybe Not

When it comes to accepting a promotion, any offer is a good offer, right? Not always. If you’re made an offer, it may be tempting to accept right away. But before you say “yes,” assess it thoroughly. Here are some questions you need to consider and the conversations you need to have (both with your […]

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Out an Executive Coach

It’s Sunday afternoon and many of you are dreading the start of another work week. Maybe it’s because you’re having difficulties with your boss. You just can’t seem to figure her out. Or perhaps it’s because you’ve started a new job and are struggling to navigate the political landscape. Some of you may have just […]

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Why Performance Alone Won’t Get You to the Top

Have you ever noticed that it’s not necessarily the best performers who get promoted? I have. The television show The Voice is a good example of how performance alone may not take you to the top. In this show, vocalists compete for a recording contract with the help of superstar coaches. Viewers weigh in and […]

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How to Move Up Without Falling Down

What’s the one thing that’s stopped you from grabbing a promotion that should have been yours? For most people, it’s fear. That’s right. Fear that they might not be good enough or that they’ll actually get the job and won’t know what to do when they finally arrive in the executive suite. Fear holds lots […]

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Why SNAP Employees Need to Snap Out of It and Get Real

Congratulations to all of you Snap employees on the success of your Initial Public Offering (IPO)! Many of you are now wealthier than you ever thought was possible, at such a young age. I too was in your shoes and have some advice to share, as I look back at my time living the IPO […]

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