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Who Pays for the Coach Matters…A Lot

When a coach is hired by a company to coach one of their people, ultimately the client is the company. When an individual hires a coach and pays this person directly, the individual is the client. Here’s why this matters. If your boss is paying the bill, a coach may be limited in terms of […]

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Why Every Executive Can Benefit from a Trusted Advisor

I was speaking to a prospect the other day who confided in me that she’s been considering several key strategical initiatives for months now, yet was unable to make a decision. She went on to say she wasn’t sure she had the right people on her team that could execute her vision. She couldn’t exactly […]

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Should You Accept Every Promotion That Comes Your Way? Maybe Not

When it comes to accepting a promotion, any offer is a good offer, right? Not always. If you’re made an offer, it may be tempting to accept right away. But before you say “yes,” assess it thoroughly. Here are some questions you need to consider and the conversations you need to have (both with your […]

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Why Now May Be The Time To Quit Your Executive Job

General Electric just told the city of Boston that they were scaling back their plans to grow the Boston HQ significantly. While that move alone may not mean much to you, they have to reimburse the state $87M of incentive money given to them when they agreed to move their corporate headquarters from Connecticut to […]

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Why Free Advice Isn’t Worth the Price

If I had a dollar for every time someone wrote me and asked me for free advice, I could probably retire. I used to say yes. That was until I realized that by doing so, I was doing more harm than good. Here’s why. Free advice is often dismissed. How often has someone given you […]

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Out an Executive Coach

It’s Sunday afternoon and many of you are dreading the start of another work week. Maybe it’s because you’re having difficulties with your boss. You just can’t seem to figure her out. Or perhaps it’s because you’ve started a new job and are struggling to navigate the political landscape. Some of you may have just […]

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Want a Promotion? Start Tooting Your Horn

How do you feel when I say, “If you want to get ahead, you need to go out there and tell your boss, and the people you work with, that you’re good at your job.” Does that make you uncomfortable – or you do dismiss it as nonsense? In all the years I’ve been coaching, […]

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The One Blind Spot That Can Derail an Executive’s Success

I’ve worked with hundreds of executives to help them dramatically improve their ability to become magnetic leaders. Some need a little bit of tweaking, while others benefit from a complete overhaul. Here’s the one thing they all have in common. Failure to build strong relationships up, down and across the organization. It doesn’t matter how […]

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How Women Can Close the Confidence Gap and Achieve Greater Career Success

I remember the day I was promoted into the executive suite. I couldn’t believe the president of the company actually thought I was good enough to lead a department. In retrospect, it was that little guy on my shoulder wondering if I really deserved this. Flash forward many years later and I can see clearly […]

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Three Things to Consider as You Wind Down the Year

As you wind down the year, here are some things to consider. Is talent now seeking us out? If not, what will you do differently in the new year? Are there people on your team that you’re secretly hoping others will poach? What’s your plan to change this? How personally satisfied would you be if […]

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