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5 Ways to Transform Managers into Magnetic Leaders

Some people think magnetic leaders are born that way, but that’s not quite how I see it. I believe magnetic leadership is a state that evolves over time. In fact, most of the magnetic leaders I interviewed for my book, The Magnetic Leader were people who wanted to be great leaders and were willing to […]

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Humane Leadership, Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

I love all things Italian. I mean, who doesn’t? And I now love Italian born Brunello Cucinelli, although we’ve never met! At least not yet.  I watched with interest this week’s CBS Sunday Morning, which featured Brunello Cucinelli, who is both a world-class luxury clothing designer and a humanitarian. His story is impressive, and his […]

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The Real Truth About Learning

I was recently asked to coach an executive, who was having a difficult time assimilating into her new leadership role, even though her company had invested a ton of money sending her to an executive leadership program. She confided in me that she could barely recall what she had learned six months ago. I’m not […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Leader

What if you could learn from the world’s number one executive coach? Would you take it? I know I would, which is why I traveled to NJ last week. Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 leadership coach and author of the bestseller, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, unfortunately, is no longer accepting coaching clients. […]

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Should Exit Interviews be Shown the Door?

A business owner recently asked me if I thought he should have an exit interview with an employee who just gave notice. Here’s my response: Are you REALLY open to making changes so that others don’t leave for the same reason. If you can’t answer yes, then don’t waste the employee’s time. Here’s what I […]

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Deciding Who to Promote

One of my advisory clients recently asked for my advice on who to promote into a newly vacated position. You might be surprised by my answer. I told him not to look at past performance. Instead, look at the skills needed to do this new job. Here’s why. Let’s take the all-too-common situation of promoting […]

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Why Relying on Job Postings to Fill Jobs May Not be Such a Good Thing

Are you wasting tens of thousands of dollars every year posting positions to job boards? Recent research shows a mere 3% of new hires actually come in through job board sites. Why continue posting positions to job boards if you’re not getting any traction? I tell you what you should be doing instead, in my […]

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Why Few People Are Responding to Your Job Postings

I tell clients all the time to be concise and interesting when creating job postings. A recent LinkedIn article shows why this is the way to go. “Less is more. Shorter job posts (1-300 words) had significantly higher-than-average apply rates per view (the number of applications the job post got divided by the number of […]

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How to Create a Solar System of Talent

I used to be like many of you. I’d constantly complain about something, yet I was unwilling to do things differently to get the results I had hoped for. Then one day, it hit me. All the complaining in the world wasn’t going to change a darn thing. If I really wanted to achieve different […]

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Why Your Efforts To Move Forward May Be Holding You Back

It’s Monday morning here, which means my street closely resembles the set of a Star Wars movie. Hosts of landscaping crews have invaded the neighborhood with leaf blowers on their backs. They’re on a mission to rid the sidewalks of grass cuttings and leaves. I watch in amazement, as crew members blow the debris from […]

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