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Deciding Who to Promote

One of my advisory clients recently asked for my advice on who to promote into a newly vacated position. You might be surprised by my answer. I told him not to look at past performance. Instead, look at the skills needed to do this new job. Here’s why. Let’s take the all-too-common situation of promoting […]

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Why Your Efforts To Move Forward May Be Holding You Back

It’s Monday morning here, which means my street closely resembles the set of a Star Wars movie. Hosts of landscaping crews have invaded the neighborhood with leaf blowers on their backs. They’re on a mission to rid the sidewalks of grass cuttings and leaves. I watch in amazement, as crew members blow the debris from […]

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The One Blind Spot That Can Derail an Executive’s Success

I’ve worked with hundreds of executives to help them dramatically improve their ability to become magnetic leaders. Some need a little bit of tweaking, while others benefit from a complete overhaul. Here’s the one thing they all have in common. Failure to build strong relationships up, down and across the organization. It doesn’t matter how […]

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The Answer Lies Within

Want to offer a perk that no one else has? Many are searching for a magical formula, but the fact is that the answer lies inside businesses’ organizations. Instead of offering crazy perks, companies need to focus on the one perk they can’t get anywhere else, which is the opportunity to work with a truly magnetic […]

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Magnetic Leadership: Promise Me You Won’t Be This Type of Leader

Imagine what it must be like to work for someone who keeps making promises yet never fulfills them. Apparently, it’s more common than we think. According to a 2007 Florida State University Study, two out of five bosses don’t keep their word. I can only think of a handful of acceptable reasons to break a […]

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