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How to Hire Evergreen Talent

I was meeting with a client who is the CEO of a hospital and he mentioned to me that his new HR Director just filled two key positions that her predecessor was unable to fill. Beginner’s luck? I don’t think so. There are many reasons why hiring efforts fail. In the interest of time, let […]

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Three Things to Consider as You Wind Down the Year

As you wind down the year, here are some things to consider. Is talent now seeking us out? If not, what will you do differently in the new year? Are there people on your team that you’re secretly hoping others will poach? What’s your plan to change this? How personally satisfied would you be if […]

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Your Choice: Good Boss or Bad Boss?

I recently saw the movie “Horrible Bosses” where the  4:30 showing was packed. You could hear theater goers cheering for the three lead characters who were out for revenge. As someone who works closely with leaders to help them avoid landing on the “hit list” of employees, I can certainly empathize with those in the […]

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Will Your Employees Still Love You Tomorrow?

Who cares if your employees will still love you tomorrow? The real question is, will they still respect you tomorrow? One of the biggest mistakes business owners and managers make is being more concerned about being loved, than respected. So much so, that I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to this topic in my new book, […]

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Is Management Overrated?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. People are given or take on roles where they are temporarily in charge. Some, who don’t want to be there, wind up assuming these positions on a permanent basis. What’s your story?  Does your work life resemble a comic strip? Do you think  management is overrated? […]

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Help! My Boss is a MicroManager. What Do I Do?

I received an e-mail this morning asking me for help in dealing with a micromanager. To make matters worse, this person turns ten minute meetings into two hour sessions. I thought I would share my reply since this seems to be a problem that is common throughout organizations. While doing research for my book, Suddenly […]

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