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Play to Your Strengths

I’m in the middle of reading Bruce Springsteen’s book, Born to Run and had a big aha moment. Bruce wrote that he knew he didn’t have the best voice and that others could outplay him any day. What they couldn’t do, was out write him so that’s what he focused on. He focused on songwriting.  […]

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3 Ways Women Can Transform Themselves Into Magnetic Leaders

Lots of women are good leaders, but how many are magnetic leaders? Apparently, not enough. No matter how far female leaders may have come in terms of leadership, we still have a ways to go. In a recent Gallup poll, it was reported that Americans still prefer a male boss to a female boss. The […]

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5 Mistakes Leaders Make When It Comes to Promoting High Potentials

There are two moments that stand out in the minds of experienced leaders. They are the first time they promoted someone into management and the day they had to tell that person, “Things aren’t working out.” But what is most troublesome to these leaders is the fact that they know, deep down inside; this person […]

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