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5 Ways to Transform Managers into Magnetic Leaders

Some people think magnetic leaders are born that way, but that’s not quite how I see it. I believe magnetic leadership is a state that evolves over time. In fact, most of the magnetic leaders I interviewed for my book, The Magnetic Leader were people who wanted to be great leaders and were willing to […]

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Humane Leadership, Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

I love all things Italian. I mean, who doesn’t? And I now love Italian born Brunello Cucinelli, although we’ve never met! At least not yet.  I watched with interest this week’s CBS Sunday Morning, which featured Brunello Cucinelli, who is both a world-class luxury clothing designer and a humanitarian. His story is impressive, and his […]

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The ‘Jeopardy!’ James Approach to Talent Domination

I’ll admit it. My husband and I are hooked on Jeopardy! We weren’t loyal fans of the show until James Holzhauer took control of the buzzer. As of this writing, James is winning hand over fist over his competitors and has earned $2,382,583! Here’s how to use his winning strategy to create talent domination for […]

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Let’s Get Growing: Evergreen Talent Teleconference

Spring is here. Let’s get growing! You’ve been asking me for this and I’ve finally decided to say yes and share my latest thought-leadership on how to seed, cultivate, and grow a sustainable workforce. My forthcoming book, Evergreen Talent, won’t be out until 2020. However, I’m going to give you a jump start on the […]

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Saying No When You Think You Should Say Yes

I was on vacation last week and reluctantly dragged myself through a museum, because others told me that this was something I couldn’t miss. If you’ve ever attended an event because you were told you must go or eat at a particular restaurant because everyone else was going, then you know exactly how it feels […]

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Amazon Scraps HQ2 Plan in New York: What it Means for Employers Nationwide

Amazon delivered some shocking news last week when the company announced it was canceling its plans to build an expansive corporate campus in Long Island City, New York. Employers in and adjacent to their proposed new co-headquarters city are probably relieved to hear this news, as it’s likely many would have lost talent to Amazon. While they […]

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The Biggest Mistake New CEOs Make

The biggest mistake CEOs make is waiting too long to make changes with their executive team. They’ll use all sorts of excuses like, “I need more time to see what this guy can really do.” Or, “She’s probably having a hard time to getting used to working for a new leader.” All the while, they […]

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Three Things to Consider as You Wind Down the Year

As you wind down the year, here are some things to consider. Is talent now seeking us out? If not, what will you do differently in the new year? Are there people on your team that you’re secretly hoping others will poach? What’s your plan to change this? How personally satisfied would you be if […]

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Five Workplace Prediction for 2018

Every year, I create workplace predictions based on my work with clients and my uncanny ability to see what others miss. Here are the first five of eighteen workplace predictions for the coming year. The rest will be announced in my January newsletter, which you can receive by subscribing here. 1.    Record numbers of employees will […]

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Suddenly in Charge 2.0

The second edition of Suddenly in Charge released today, which got me thinking. It’s been six years since the first book came out and a lot has changed in the world of business. Here’s what hasn’t changed. If you do not quickly figure out how to manage up, you will not need to worry about […]

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