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There is No Expiration Date on Talent

Lots of companies have a mental image of their ideal candidate. The problem is that their ideal candidate looks a lot like the same applicants everyone else is seeking. That’s why I advise my clients to be open to all possibilities. Talent comes in all different sizes and shapes, and even ages.

Although it’s illegal to discriminate based on age, it certainly isn’t illegal to say you are looking for people with one to three years of experience, which in most cases eliminates the older job seeker. But is this really in your best interest? I don’t think so. Here are some of the many benefits of giving mature workers a second look.

  • Loyalty - Younger workers are in the beginning stages of their careers and are looking to accelerate their earnings as quickly as possible. How do I know this? Because at one point I was a younger worker. Younger workers won’t think twice about moving on when they receive a better offer. Mature workers have either been laid off or know someone who has been. They know a good thing when they see it, which means they’ll think twice and sometimes three times before giving notice.

  • Reliability- Mature workers usually don’t call in sick after a long night of partying, which means you can rely on them to work the schedule they’ve been hired to work. Can you say the same about your entry-level workers?

  • Smarts- Workers don’t lose intelligence because they’ve seen another decade. If they were fairly intelligent when they were twenty years old, chances are they are even smarter than their younger selves. This means that you can train them to learn new computer programs. Yes, it could take them a bit longer to catch on, but in most cases it will be less time than you are currently spending re-training because people keep leaving.

  • Work ethic - Today’s mature worker has a work ethic that is much different than some members of the younger generation. In most situations, mom and dad won’t be supporting them if they mess up at work and they find themselves unemployed. Nor will they be able to return to the nest to live on their parent’s couch until another job opportunity falls into their lap. They’ll give it their all because failure is not an option.

  • Contentment- Organizations are running lean these days, which means there are fewer opportunities for advancement. That’s not an issue for a lot of mature workers, as they may be content coming to work everyday and doing a good job without the promise of a promotion.

  • Trustworthiness- Many business owners would not even consider leaving their businesses for more than an hour because they feel uncomfortable leaving their livelihood in the hands of someone who is young enough to be their child. But what if you had someone on your team that had a similar mindset to yours? Someone that could easily keep the business going in your absence. Imagine what you could do with your newfound freedom?

There is no expiration date on talent. Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to compete for the same people as everyone else. Dare to be different.

Three Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Recruitment Costs

  1. Post all of your job openings on your website.Web aggregators like Simplyhired and Indeed will automatically (at no cost to you) pick up your posted job openings when people search their sites for jobs.
  2. Invest in leadership development.People leave their managers more often then they leave their companies. A small investment in your leaders can yield big results and reduce costly employee turnover. Enroll in our next session of Move Up/Manage Right by clicking here.
  3. Focus on employee retention. Preventative action is always less expensive than contingent action.

Customer Centricity: Trust Me, It’s all About Trust

Every day I see examples of companies that don’t trust their people to do the right thing. They’ve buried these people in so many layers that it may very well be the spring of 2020 before we ever see or hear from them again.

This past year, my husband and I tried to get Sears to live up to the promise that came with the warranty we purchased. I won’t bore you with the details, but what I can tell you is that we had parts shipped to our house twice and three service calls of about two hours each to repair a dehumidifier that retails for $199. Seriously folks, wouldn’t it have been less expensive and better for the customer if Sears had simply replaced the machine? I’d like to tell you this story had a happy ending, but last we heard, our “dedicated customer service rep” Justin, was somewhere in the bowels of the organization researching a part that is no longer made, and we are still without a dehumidifier.

Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

What word comes to mind when you look at the career page of your company website? Inviting, cool, exciting? Or do the words boring, generic, or lifeless better describe your site? Looks matter. You’ve got about thirty seconds to make a lasting impression with candidates. Are you grabbing their attention, or repelling them? Need some help? Give me a call at 413-582-1840.

For more tips on attracting and retaining top talent, download a copy of Talent Magnetism. Call us today at 413-582-1840 if you are interesting in discussing how to maximize talent in your organization.

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