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We’re about sixty days into the new year, so I thought I’d ask how all those new year’s resolutions are going. If you are like most people, you can’t even remember what you resolved for the new year. So, let’s start again. Only this time, let’s be more realistic.

What do you and your team want to accomplish in the next thirty days, and how will you make this happen? Sometimes the simple act of writing something down is enough momentum to get you moving in the right direction. If you find you could use some help, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask.

Stop Kidding Yourself About Your Hiring Efforts and Do This Instead

For years, I attempted to lose weight. Well, sort of. I would join programs and only half follow the rules. When I exercised, I made sure I never sweated. Needless to say, the results spoke for themselves. They were dismal. It wasn’t until I committed to changing my behavior that I saw the change I was looking for.

I see leaders of organizations going down the same path that I’ve taken. They say they want to do something, like rapidly fill jobs with top talent. Yet their actions indicate they are not fully committed to doing what it takes to make this happen. If you are finally ready to take action, then read on.

As of this writing, the national unemployment rate is 4.1%. And if you’re looking for a sales professional, their unemployment rate is 3.7% and it drops further, to 2.1% for sales reps with a Bachelor’s degree. In a nutshell, we’re at full employment.

Here are three ideas that will help you fill jobs more rapidly. All are based on results I’ve achieved with clients.

Stop tasking HR with hiring. Take HR completely out of the hiring loop, as they have enough on their plate, and are most likely slowing down your hiring. Some are even repelling talent. Here’s what I mean. A VP of Sales asked me to speak with his HR Director about a hiring initiative. This HR Director was dismissive and downright rude. If that’s how he spoke to me, and I was referred by his boss, imagine how he interacts with candidates. Another HR recruiter has fifteen reasons why he isn’t the reason jobs aren’t being filled. When I probed him further, he just shrugged his shoulders and didn’t offer one single suggestion as to how to improve the hiring process.

Here’s what you should be doing instead. Make hiring managers accountable for hiring. There’s a reason they are called a hiring manager. They are responsible for the selection of their team members. Of course if you are going to do this, then you need to be sure they know how to attract, assess, and select talent.

Get rid of the stupid rules that are preventing you from hiring well qualified people. I could write a book on the ridiculous rules companies have in regards to hiring. In the interest of time, I’ll share only a few. 

One of my clients used to have a policy that said if you left the company, you were not eligible to be rehired. It wasn’t until I pointed out how this rule was actually working against them that they decided to make a change. You see, the people who left and wanted to come back usually were people who thought the grass was greener on the other side. They quickly found out it wasn’t. When they returned, they told others what life was like elsewhere. Employee turnover started to rapidly decline in areas where employees were rehired, while at the same time, jobs were filled with proven candidates.

Another stupid rule I’ve encountered states that the company will only hire people who are currently employed. Wow! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been unemployed. Unemployment isn’t a disease. It’s a condition. If you’ve got this elitist attitude, then you deserve to be in a constant hiring loop. Evaluate candidates based on the value they can bring to your organization, which is the only criteria that really matters.

Apply for a job with your company. I had one of my clients do this and he was speechless when he realized that he couldn’t find the apply button on his website. That’s because there was no button! Imagine how many candidates simply gave up and moved to his competitor’s website.

Take five minutes and apply for a job with your company. Then write to me and tell me what your experience was like. The first three people who do so will receive a copy of my book, Talent Magnetism: How to Build an Organization that Attracts and Keeps the Best.

The Real Truth About Employee Engagement and Retention

I’ve been speaking a lot lately on the connection between employee engagement and employee retention, as that’s an area many companies are struggling with. That’s because they are focusing on the wrong things.

Employee engagement is not a program. It’s an outcome. Yet companies are spending billions of dollars on employee engagement programs with the hope that something will stick. Don’t make the same mistake.

Stop focusing on employee happiness and instead provide people with autonomy at work. Hire great managers, give them the space they need to do their jobs well, and encourage them to do the same for their employees. Sounds simple, right? It is. And the good news is that this approach will cost a heck of a lot less than another employee engagement program and will yield results for years to come.

Three Mistakes New Executives Make and How to Avoid Them

  1. Assuming what got them into the executive suite will be the same skills needed to successfully navigate this new terrain.

  2. Taking way too long to evaluate and switch out team members who are no longer in the right roles.

  3. Focusing on tasks rather than building relationships with their new peers.

Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Consensus leadership doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Ask your people.

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