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It’s hard to believe November is already here! I’d like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I hope your holiday table is filled with family and friends and a bounty of good food.

This month’s newsletter is all about hopes, dreams, and unmet promises. In this day and age of social media, few can afford to damage their brands. I hope you’ll think about this the next time you hire a new employee or take on a new client. Before moving forward, ask yourself the following question. Will this person or project enhance my brand or do damage? Your answer will dictate your next move.

The True Cost of Failure Work

I’m sitting in my brand new home in Boston staring at walls covered in blue tape indicating areas needing to be redone (some for the third and fourth time) and a punch list that’s over four pages long. I should be happy right now and singing the praises of my builder and his team. Instead, I’m filled with frustration, anger and sometimes sadness, all because of failure work.

I’ve done enough renovations to know that things don’t always go according to plan. I also know when the person “doing these things” is looking to do what’s in his best interest (also known as saving money) rather than mine. He may have saved a few dollars here and there, but I can assure you he’s spent way more to correct all those items that should have been done right the first time around. Here’s what else happens when failure work becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Loss of goodwill

It’s almost impossible to rebuild trust once it is broken. My builder has assured me a dozen times that he wants to do right by me; except his actions don’t match his words. If you want to do right by someone, you do things right the first time.

Loss of reputation

How’s your reputation these days? There are no secrets today in any organization. One click to Yelp, Glassdoor, or Google will tell you just about everything you need to know about someone you are considering doing business with or working for. Reputation matters, especially when you are looking to take your business to the next level.

Loss of opportunity

It’s hard to take on new clients or move on to the next project when you are back in the trenches fixing problems that should never even have occurred. Doing so sucks the life out of you and prevents you from presenting your best self to the next prospect. Think about this the next time you attempt to cut corners.

Loss of your mind

It’s hard to keep a clear head when you are constantly trying to keep all of your failure work straight. Imagine the peace of mind you would have if you slowed down and did things right. You would then no longer need to think about how you were going to fix all your mistakes. You could stay in the moment and be at peace.

Loss of customers

We all know that it costs significantly less to retain customers than it does to secure customers. Companies that are constantly rectifying issues are much more at risk for losing customers than those who deliver quality products and services on a consistent basis.

Lost opportunity

When a failure happens, many people suddenly get involved in solving it. Meetings are held, overtime is worked, subcontractors are brought-in, engineers investigate, and additional items are purchased to get back in operation. All resources are spent on fixing the situation, which leaves fewer resources for taking on new opportunities. The losses grow proportionally larger the longer the repair takes or the greater the consequences of the failure. The biggest problem with lost opportunity is that it can never be recovered.

As you look around your organization, pay close attention to those areas where failure work appears to be the norm rather than the exception. Closely examine your processes and your people, and take immediate steps to make course corrections, before you no longer have a business to correct.

The Talent Crunch

I remember a time when it was really cool to land a job with an advertising or PR firm. You were the envy of friends that were stuck in everyday corporate marketing jobs. My what a difference a few decades (okay, maybe more than a few) makes. Advertising and PR firms are now experiencing what it’s like to lose their best people to corporations — especially technology companies, as workers jump on the next start-up train that is scheduled to leave the station. Advertising and PR firms are not alone when it comes to losing talent to organizations that appear to be more hip.

The best way to reverse this trend is to enhance your company’s employment brand so that you are attractive to talent. Here are several things you can immediately do to improve your luster.

Toot your own horn. Every time you promote an employee, let others know. Send out an e-mail blast to your employees and make note of the promotion in your company’s newsletter. And while you are at it, be sure to send a press release to your local newspaper as well as trade publication. Lastly, post promotion announcements across social media so that prospective employees can see that promotions are part of the fabric of your organization.

Go where the talent is. If you tend to hire a lot of recent college grads, then make a name for yourself on campus. Sponsor a club or offer to do a guest lecture. Don’t expect your efforts to yield immediate results. Relationships take time to build. Do these things consistently and you’ll be on your way to standing out on crowded campuses.

Lessons from NYC Advertising Week

Presenting at NYC Advertising Week last month was an amazing experience. There was so much energy and knowledge all around. As promised, here are some of my key takeaways from NYC Advertising Week.

  1. There are a lot of companies that want your talent. Become the company that everyone wants to work for and this won’t be a problem.
  2. Tons of companies have big hiring plans. If you are looking to hire, don’t delay.
  3. Focus on retention and you won’t have to worry about competing for talent to fill vacant jobs.
  4. Your company is not for everyone and everyone is not for your company. Acknowledge that and move on.
  5. Fancy workspaces are great, but at the end of the day it’s about magnetic leadership.

Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

You are no longer someone’s only option. Think about this before you make your next job offer.

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