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It’s November already. How did that happen so quickly? You probably have plans in the hopper you still haven’t gotten to, and most likely won’t before year’s end. I hope you approach next year differently after reading this month’s newsletter.

By now you’ve probably heard the news. After thirty-one years of service, Snoopy has been given his walking papers. No word yet as to whether he’ll be participating in what could be his final Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Read my latest Forbes blog, If It Can Happen to Snoopy It Can Happen to You, for tips on how to recover if you are ever in the same situation.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. If I can be of help to you, don’t hesitate to ask.

The One Thing That’s Holding You Back

Okay, there are probably a dozen things holding you back. If I titled this edition of the newsletter Twelve Things That Are Holding You Back, you’d probably hit the delete button. Beside, none of this matters if you can’t resolve the one thing that is holding you back—your mindset.

Here’s how I see this playing out in organizations.

“I don’t have time to address this situation now.” Okay. That means one of two things. Whatever is on your list isn’t important, in which case take it off your priority list. Or you need help. If you need help, ask for it.

 “I’m too overwhelmed to add one more thing to my plate.” Are you overwhelmed because you don’t know how to say no when asked to do something, or because you have a difficult time delegating tasks to others? In either case, a behavior change is needed here.

“I need everyone on board.” Tell me the last time you actually had complete agreement before moving forward on an initiative? And if you did, how long did it take to reach consensus? Here’s the thing. Companies are not democracies, although at times you might wonder. Stop trying to herd everyone into your corner, and instead give yourself permission to make decisions that are well within your purview.

I know changing your mindset can be uncomfortable, scary, and necessary when it’s most inconvenient. The question is, will shifting your mindset have a dramatic impact on the quality of your life and the life of those you serve? I believe it will!

Giving Thanks

It’s that time of the year when we pause and give thanks for our good fortune. This is also a great time to let team members know how thankful you are for their presence.

Consider writing a handwritten note to each of your employees thanking them for a job well done. When doing so, be specific. For example, rather than saying, “Thanks, Jan, for a job well done!” you might say, “Thanks, Jan, for your willingness to speak up. By doing so, you’ve helped us better serve our clients, and for that we are all grateful.”

How Many of Your Executives are Sitting In Your Departure Lounge?

My bet is many! My reply isn’t grounded on scientific research. It’s based on something more tangible—conversations with top executives who are about to bolt. Here’s why:

Revolving CEOs. Imagine being the kind of leader who wants to deliver results. Yet you can’t because the new CEO (the third in two years) has been in his job nine months and still hasn’t shared his vision. Frustrating? You betcha! One call from a persuasive headhunter or a former boss and this executive will be on the next flight out of his company.

Passed Over for Promotion. It happens. An executive gets passed over for promotion and decides to stick it out. He’s now in consideration for the top job in the company. However, it could be months before a decision is made, and how it ends is anyone’s guess. He’s a patient guy. However, he’s no fool. He also works in a field where candidates like him are in high demand. He decides to dip his toe into the job market and finds he can write his own ticket.

The Work is no Longer Exciting. You’ve hired an executive to take the organization to new heights. She accomplishes this goal and seeks a more challenging role in the corporation. You ignore her request. She decides she’d rather retire on her own terms than retire in place.

We’ve lost sight of the fact that executives are people too. Companies are spending billions of dollars on climate surveys and spending ridiculous energy on making the average employee happy. While this is going on, few are paying attention to the top level. This is a huge mistake that will be quite costly for many. Don’t take my word for it. Go to my complimentary online employee turnover calculator and see for yourself.

Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Don’t wait for record low unemployment numbers to hit your part of the country. Put your talent battle plan together now, while you still have time to be strategic.

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