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Matuson’s Eighteen Workplace Predictions for 2018

Every year, I create workplace predictions based on my work with clients and my uncanny ability to see what others miss. Here are my eighteen workplace predictions for the coming year.

  1. Record numbers of employees will jump ship within three months of receiving their year-end bonuses.
  2. Experienced bounty-hunters will have a much easier time pulling talent out of organizations than in years past, leaving behind the exact people employers wish they had taken.
  3. There will be a lot more shouting in organizations as employees tell harassers to keep their frigging hands to themselves.
  4. We’ll see a slew of men (and some women) being “put on leave” as more stories of harassment become public knowledge.
  5. Companies will still be surprised when employees are disappointed with the meager raises they will be receiving.
  6. Mature job seekers who use their network, will find much more success in their job search than those who rely on online job sites to find work.
  7. Employers will continue to waste millions of dollars a year trying to hire people who don’t want to be hired.
  8. Employees will install fake doors in their cubicles as a last-ditch attempt to create private personal space at work.
  9. Organizations will continue to pretend that there is no correlation between pay and employee engagement.
  10. Smart companies will give their hiring systems a complete overhaul as they attempt to create an irresistible hiring experience that will actually help them fill jobs.
  11. Women will continue to wait until they are 100% sure they’ve got what it takes before applying for a promotion, while less qualified male counterparts boldly step forward and snag the promotions.
  12. Companies will continue to spend months developing strategies that are no longer relevant by the time they’re ready to implement.
  13. Disengagement among employees in organizations will reach an all-time high.
  14. Employers will continue to waste money on employee engagement programs that don’t work, when instead they should be investing in transforming managers into magnetic leaders.
  15. Magnetic leaders will take entire teams with them when they depart for greener pastures.
  16. Employers will continue to pretend there is no such thing as age discrimination, as they keep hiring young people who are less qualified than their older counterparts.
  17. Unemployment rates will decline even further.
  18. Poaching talent will become a widely acceptable business practice, just like stealing clients is no longer seen as verboten.

Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves

I’m about to tell you something you most likely don’t want to hear. If you want to keep your head in the sand, then skip right to the next article. Here goes.

You have people in your organization that need to go. You know this, and I know this. The question is, what’s holding you back from taking action? I’ve never met an executive who said, “If I had to do it over again, I would have kept that non-performer longer.” No, of course not!

Meanwhile, this non-performer is sucking up the oxygen in the room and is making it extremely difficult for you to meet your objectives. Some of you may be hoping and praying these people exit on their own. Let me tell you something. They’re not going anywhere. You are going to have to move them out of the organization.

I have these tough-love conversations with my executive advisory clients all the time. The difference is, my clients take action. Heck, they don’t want to have to tell me, after we’ve agreed that someone needs to leave, that that person is still there! Some of you may think you can do this on your own, and you may be right. But if this were true, why haven’t you done so already?

Need some help? Call me at 617-608-3633 or email me at Roberta@matusonconsulting and we’ll explore if an advisory relationship is right for you.

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I’ll be teaching leaders how to turn their teams into recruiting machines. We’ll be discussing how to rapidly hire talent and safeguard the people you have in place. For the first time ever, I’ll also be sharing my secrets of how to poach talent. Note: It’s easier than you think and a lot less costly than paying third-party recruiting fees.

My best clients are already looking to secure dates in January to ensure they are fully staffed by the end of Q1. However, a few dates in January as well as February are still available. Reach out to me to discuss the details, and let’s get a date on the calendar.

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Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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