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It’s May, which means we are darn close to being halfway through 2017. How are you doing with the goals you set earlier this year? Now is the time to take stock and move full speed ahead. If I can be of help, don’t hesitate to ask.

OMG: I Took My Own Advice and Here’s What Happened

I’m always telling my clients to apply for a job with their company to see what the candidate experience is really like. I took my own advice on Friday and applied for a job on behalf of my client, and you’re not going to believe what happened. (Note: My client granted me permission to share our exchange.)

Me: Would you like me to apply for a job with your company so we can see exactly what your candidates experience?

President: Yes

Me: Okay, but if I get a rejection letter, I’m going to be ticked off!

President: No worries. That’s not going to happen.

Me: I just hit reply to your posting on LinkedIn and on your website, and I’m now on some site called ZipRecruiter.com. The site indicates that I’ve successfully applied for your job and has recommended eleven other jobs I should consider. What the heck???

President: You’re kidding me, right?

Me: OMG, I just received three additional emails, within five minutes, telling me about other jobs I should consider as well, even though they’re a bit of a stretch for me. Hmmm…thinking twice before hitting one of their convenient “One-click Apply” buttons.

President: Where the heck was this site forty years ago?

Me:  I don’t know, but if it had been around, you and I would be ruling the world!

President: We need to get this VP job off of this site.

Me: Actually, we need to get all of your job openings off this site. The last thing we want is someone we’ve worked so hard to attract, like a driver, to suddenly be applying for a ton of other jobs that are now being conveniently sent to his phone. By the way, I’ve unsubscribed so I shouldn’t be getting any more job alerts from ZipRecruiter.com.

President: Okay, great. Thanks.

Me (next day): Are you kidding me? Those people are sending me additional job opportunities to consider, even though I’ve unsubscribed. Forget what I said about you sending me a rejection letter. Looks like I’ve got a lot of great employment options! Who knew?

And that’s my point. Who knew that this craziness has been going on for the past several years? Certainly not my client. When he found out, he was horrified. But at least he uncovered this and is taking steps to rectify the situation.

Here’s your challenge. Apply for a job with your own company and see how far you get. Send me your story, and in return I’ll enter you into a drawing for a signed copy of my latest book, The Magnetic Leader: How Irresistible Leaders Attract Employees, Customers and Profits. I’ll even throw in a complimentary call to help you get on the right track.

Three Questions You Should Be Asking When it Comes to New Hire Turnover

Mid-month, I sent out a newsletter announcement alerting you to what’s really going on at work these days. I shared some pretty startling statistics, including the fact that 46% of all new hires fail within eighteen months. How is this okay? It’s not.

Can you believe only a handful of people reached out to me regarding their concerns? Look, I get it. Who wants to deal with this stuff? You can certainly keep operating as if this problem is happening at someone else’s company and not yours. And that’s fine to do, if you know this is the case for sure. So let me ask you:

  1. What exactly is it costing your company every time you make a bad hire? The precise business cost of a bad hire is rarely quantified, and therefore holes in the process are never confronted. Could a ton of money be seeping out of your organization?
  2. Are you measuring the hiring failure rate and the quality of your hires? Without measuring hiring failure rates, root causes cannot be addressed. By the same token, hiring successes cannot be replicated.
  3. Do you have a clear understanding of exactly when and where this turnover is taking place? Is it happening in one specific department or under one particular manager? Knowing this will help you determine where to focus.

Many of you are so used to the high levels of employee turnover and disruption that you’ve accepted this as your new reality. I can assure you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m willing to invest thirty minutes of my time to give you a fresh perspective and some ideas that will help give you clarity and peace of mind on this issue. Reach out to me at Roberta@matusonconsulting.com to schedule a call for this week or next. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Two Pieces of Advice for the Class of 2017

  1. If you’re about to graduate and you don’t have a job offer in hand, then get yourself over to the career services office. Do this now, while you’re still a matriculated student.
  2. People may tell you it’s better to be underemployed than unemployed. Be careful whom you listen to, as that’s not always the case.

Rules of Attraction: Your Monthly Tip on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Spring is the perfect time to clean up your organization. By doing so, you’ll make room for talent that will help you bloom and prosper.

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