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The second edition of the international bestseller, Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around just released! The new book contains seven new chapters and is completely updated to reflect the changes that have occurred in the workplace over the past six years. I look forward to hearing your big takeaways from this new edition.

I’ll be on the road over the next several months promoting the book. The first stop is Nashville, where I’ll be speaking at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Conference. Then I will be on to Rhode Island to present a private session for a new client in the banking industry - followed by two trips to the Sunshine State, where I’ll be speaking at the International Sign Expo and keynoting at the Brandon Hall Excellence Conference. Reach out to me at Roberta@matusonconsulting.com if your organization is looking for a speaker for your next event.

Are You a Victim of the BS Syndrome?

In my work as an advisor to CEOs and their executive teams, I often encounter a scenario that I call the BS Syndrome, where BS stands for blind spot. This is where you think things are going really well, when in fact they’re not. What makes this syndrome even more worrisome is that the people who surround you are telling you exactly what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear.

Some of you may be thinking, “Everyone knows I have an open door policy. I’ve told my people countless times they can come to me with any problems they encounter.” Yet your door is rusty due to lack of use.

I can tell you as a former executive that it’s only natural to protect your turf and do whatever is necessary to ensure you remain gainfully employed. This explains why people are reluctant to push back or tell the boss what they really think.

If you’re really interested in feedback, stop surrounding yourself with yes people. These are the people who will agree with you to your face, regardless of what they may think or say when you are not around.

Stop breathing your own exhaust. Seek an outside perspective. Participate in a peer group, where you can learn from others and they can provide you with open and honest feedback. Or you can do what my best clients do: engage the services of a trusted advisor.

When I work with my clients as a trusted advisor, we’re able to quickly eliminate bottlenecks that are preventing them from rapidly moving their ideas forward. They use me as a confidential sounding board. I provide them with an objective view, which allows them to fearlessly propel their strategies forward. We’re able to achieve these results because we are completely honest with one another.

Imagine how much further along you’d be, both personally and professionally, if you eliminated the blind spots that are clouding your vision and preventing you from achieving what could be a bright future.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself as You Plan for the New Year

  1. Do I have the right skills and the right people on my team to take us to the next level?
  2. What investments am I willing to make in my people and my own personal development to ensure continued growth?
  3. Am I having fun?

How to Fall Back and Retreat Gracefully

The second edition of the international bestseller, Suddenly in Charge, includes a new chapter on the subject of how to push back and back down when necessary. I added this chapter after observing so many people changing the course of their future by making this one mistake.

Have you ever been so passionate about an idea that perhaps you pushed your agenda way too far? You might have been so excited that you failed to notice that your boss was about to blow his lid.

Here's the good news. You can recover. Here's how.

Make amends. No one likes to admit they're wrong, but when you are in a tenuous situation like this, it behooves you to acknowledge your misstep and to ask for forgiveness. To do this, you'll have to put your ego aside.
Tell the person that in your excitement, you may have gone a bit too far. Ask for a do-over, and see if you can meet in the middle.

Analyze your behavior. Okay, so you've made a mistake. Now what are you going to do differently the next time around to ensure you don't back yourself into the same corner?

You could consider asking a trusted co-worker to use a private signal when she sees you are about to drive off a cliff again. You could also count to ten before you continue any heated discussions with your boss. What you don't get to do, is nothing, unless you're prepared to go to the mat again and perhaps lose your job.

Get professional help. Maybe your new boss reminds you of your former boss, who didn't treat you very well. You can't help but push back every time you see an opening.

This behavior isn't going to serve you well, and will most likely continue unless you do something about it. Consider finding a therapist to help you work through your anger issues, so you can have more harmonious relationships at work.
Understanding when to push back and when to retreat is a skill that can be learned. How do I know this? Because early on in my career I missed the signs that my boss was through, and I paid dearly for this mistake. My hope is that by sharing this, you won't have a similar fate.

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