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Coming up Short

Cavells Restaurants - Spanish Tapas - Hartamas - Meatballs or Albondigas Con SalsaOur friends Beth and Elliot joined us for dinner Saturday night at Tablella‘s in Amherst, Mass. Well, actually I think they joined us for a snack. I’m a well traveled gal and have been fortunate to have eaten tapas where they were invented. This place ain‘t no tapas joint.

Tabella‘s bills itself as a tapas restaurant where diners are encouraged to share plates. One of the dishes we ordered was the short ribs. I think there must have been a typo because only one rib arrived on a sea of mash potatoes. And this was a dish we were supposed to divide among four people. Here is a tip: If you go, bring friends who are vegetarians so you don’t have to share your meat dishes. This way you won’t be ravenous when you leave.

I believe it is important to leave people wanting more, but this was ridiculous. $100 later, we were off to Bart’s where we indulged in scoops of real ice cream to fill our tummies.

It’s a tough economy and now more than ever businesses must provide exceptional customer service and value to their clients. Are you coming up one rib short?

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