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Stressed Out Across the Generations

pink rubber stress ball by Photography By Betsy.The four generations in the workplace may be different, but they certainly have one thing in common right now. Stress. You can’t help but get stressed out by all the doom and gloom we keep hearing about regarding the economy.

If you are a Millennial, who has never experienced the workplace during a time of slicing and dicing, this will surely be a stressful time for you as you watch the politics play out in your organization. Sort of reminds you of Survivor, doesn’t it? Keep your head low and focus on doing your job. And for goodness sake, don’t take political sides or you may be shown the door along with the guy you are supporting.

Gen X’ers, well you’ve watched your parents as they struggled to keep their heads afloat during the stormy economic times. You know the pink slip may be heading your way regardless of your performance. Keep doing your job, but also take care to make sure your resume is updated…just in case.

Boomers…many of you are managing these organizations. Understand that your employees are feeling unsettled right now. Whenever possible, alleviate their fears. Help your employees focus on continuing to provide value to your customers, so you don’t have to make some tough choices.

Traditionalists-Use the experience you have gained over the years to mentor those who are having a tough time coping.

Yes, it’s a stressful time for everyone. Squeeze on those stress balls and remember, this too shall pass.

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