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Rudeness Knows No Age

I was riding the MBTA yesterday in Boston, heading to meet a friend for lunch, when I witnessed the ultimate in rudeness on the train. A sixty-something year old woman boarded the train with a baby in a Baby Bjorn. (For those of you who are not familar with these devices, they allow you to carry a baby on the front of your chest.) She was with her husband and two small toddlers, who could barely make it to the back of the train without assistance.

I myself was standing, as the train was a bit crowded. I watched in awe as she walked by both young people and middle aged people who were sitting in their seats watching her go by. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "For God sake, give this poor woman a seat!!!"

I've experienced this rudeness myself when I was 9 months pregnant and riding with my jacket open so it was quite apparent that I might need a seat. That's one thing. But come on guys and gals. The scenario I just described still has me fuming.

Mothers and fathers, please teach your children that in certain situations you give up your seat on the train. Maybe this will help prevent the next generation from growing up so self-centered.

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