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Could this Recession be a Good Thing?

I wouldn't wish this economy on anyone. But it's here so we might as well look at what some of the positive outcomes might be, particularly for the Millennials since they never worked in an economy like this. Here are my predictions.

  1. The demands for salaries, that in no way reflect the value young people bring to an organization, will normalize.

  2. Job hoppers will become job stoppers. The realization that a job is better than no job will keep young people at their jobs for a longer period of time.

  3. Instead of dissing the Boomers, they will attach themselves to this one sector of the workforce that appears to be hanging onto their jobs.

  4. They will be less materialistic and consumer-driven. In the end, this will free them up to pursue work that is more fulfilling than the generations before them.

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