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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Respect is Ageless

I recently had a discussion with a colleague about conducting a workshop to help their people gain a better understanding of the generations in the workplace. Of course my first question to my colleague was why this was so important. He had a difficult time explaining this to me because he felt the real problem […]

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Millennials and Customer Service

Is it me or has anyone else noticed lately how customer service has dramatically improved at retail counters? I just left CVS, where a young gentleman couldn't have been more helpful with my pictures. I must be the only person to have told him lately what a great job he was doing, as he seemed […]

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News from NJ

I received some exciting news today from my forty-something job search client in NJ. This week alone, she connected with several people who have the ability to get her resume in front of hiring managers, who by the way, actually have positions to fill. What could be better than this? You may be wondering exactly […]

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Are You Doing Your Personal Best?

I'm one of the millions of people watching the Olympics every night. I am so inspired by those that are doing their personal best, although I wish the network commentators would find some different words to describe those athletes who are competing. I'm reminded that it's important to do your personal best regardless of the […]

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An Inside Look at a Forty-something Year Old’s Journey to Employment

I’ve received numerous e-mails from those of you who have been intrigued by the posting regarding what it’s like to search for work when you are in your forties. For those of you that haven’t read that specific posting, I recently conducted an intensive job search session with a 40-something year old woman from NJ, […]

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