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Respect is Ageless

I recently had a discussion with a colleague about conducting a workshop to help their people gain a better understanding of the generations in the workplace. Of course my first question to my colleague was why this was so important. He had a difficult time explaining this to me because he felt the real problem was lack of respect.

Most of the managers in this organization are old-school. They believe people should do things because they are told to do things. I'm sure glad times have changed in most organizations, because when I started out in the world of business, I went crazy doing all sorts of things that certainly didn't need doing. If only I had been able to tell my boss no.

I told my colleague that the real problem here is respect. The managers don't respect their employees and the employees aren't willing to stick around working for someone who doesn't show them any respect. Sounds like a Mexican stand-off to me.

So until such time as this company is willing to stop this nonsense, little will change. Managers will continue to bark orders and their young charges will continue to seek pastures where they don't go home every night feeling bruised. 

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