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Recruiting 2.0

Attracting Millennials to Your Organization

Are you using 1.0 recruiting methods to bring on Generation 2.0? No wonder why you are having a difficult time filling  entry-level positions or those positions that are well suited for newly minted grads. That saying, “if you can’t beat them, join them” is ringing quite true in the world of recruitment. Here are some tips to help you refresh your recruitment strategy.

Put yourself in the shoes of younger applicants-Where are they hanging out these days? What are their interests? Most can be found hanging on-line with their “friends.” Having a  presence on sites such as Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter is now a must for any employer who is serious about courting younger workers.

Add some sparkle to your website-What’s the first thing an applicant looks at when they are considering a position with your organization? If you answered, your website, then you are right. Have you looked at your website lately? Better yet, has someone under the age of thirty looked at your website? Does your website look old and static? Is it easy to navigate? Can an applicant get a good feel for what it might feel like to work in your organization?

Streamline your process-Does it take your organization months to make a job offer? Candidates who are in high demand may not be around by the time you make a decision to give them an offer. Examine your hiring process with an eye towards eliminating  bottlenecks that may prevent you from securing the talent you need.

Get in the game-Forward thinking companies like Siemens are attracting candidates through the use of games. You’ve heard of Facebook Games like Farmville and Cityville. Well, now there is Siemen’s  Plantville, an online interactive game where players have the opportunity and challenge of running a virtual factory. It may sound like a crazy way to recruit, but I can say that as a mother of a 12-year old, this is the wave of the future. Even my son’s Spanish homework includes online games that resemble Star Wars.

Withing the next three years, the  Millennials (born after 1980) will make up fifty percent of the workforce. If you want to attract this group of workers to your organization, you’ll need to update your approach to recruiting or recruiting may become your full-time job.

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