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The Quest for Immediate Results

It's been a day...have I lost 10 pounds yet?

I started a new weight loss program today and after I finished my first shake, I e-mailed my colleague and asked him if I looked 10 pounds thinner yet. He dared not to answer. What’s with us Americans and our need for immediate results? I see the same thing with American businesses.

Companies say they want to really develop their people and then they block off one day  a year for professional development. I’m thinking this approach may yield the same results as today’s weight loss. Nada.

Anything worth doing takes time and commitment. You can’t expect new leaders to excel in their  leadership roles with only a day of training under their belt. They need time to internalize the learning and to practice their new found knowledge. Anything less than this will set them up for failure.

I guess I will need to heed my own advice and be patient. Maintenance of one’s health is very similar to maintaining a healthy stable of leaders. Time and commitment are the only way either of us will achieve the results we so desire.

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