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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Is Your Company Heading for a Natural Disaster?

It’s been quite a week here in New England. I experienced my first earthquake, followed by the threat of the storm of the century. I’m glad to report that I’m still standing, as are all the trees on our property. This time we were ready, at least for the hurricane, as there were reports that […]

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Why Small Businesses Have Such a Hard Time Firing People

I was recently interviewed by CNN and was asked why small business owners find it so difficult to fire people. I don’t believe this situation is limited to small businesses, as I’ve worked in a number of organizations where ineffective people were able to hide out for years. Some were never discovered and may even […]

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Overcoming Fear

Fear can be a business owner’s worst nightmare. It gets in the way of allowing you to move forward and experience success. Yet, a little bit of fear can go a long way if you choose to face it head on and move forward. I know personally what it’s like to experience fear. I felt […]

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The Business of Service

Quick…what business is the U.S. post office in? If you don’t know the answer, then you and I have something in common. I took a trip to my local post office here on Cape Cod today to express mail some packages. You know the kind where they provide the box and you provide the credit […]

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Breaking the News to Laid Off Workers

Here we go again. Another company planning to lay off workers in a group meeting because it’s easier for the employer to do it this way. How about what’s in the best interest of those who will be laid off and the survivors who will be huddling near the water cooler waiting until it’s their […]

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Your Choice: Good Boss or Bad Boss?

I recently saw the movie “Horrible Bosses” where the  4:30 showing was packed. You could hear theater goers cheering for the three lead characters who were out for revenge. As someone who works closely with leaders to help them avoid landing on the “hit list” of employees, I can certainly empathize with those in the […]

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Managing Up for Success

I had a conversation yesterday with the director of programming for a major association and she shared the following with me. She recently interviewed a female CEO who works in an industry known for having only a handful of women at the top. When asked what she attributed to her success she replied, “I do […]

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