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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Study finds employers more disconnected than ever from workforce — SURVEY RESULTS

This just in from CCH: “A recent survey on employee performance and retention conducted by Express Employment Professionals found that employers are more disconnected than ever from their workforce. Express surveyed nearly 18,000 current and former clients across North America and found that leaders are wrestling with three key areas of performance, including connecting with […]

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Why Now is the Best Time to Fire That Employee

It’s never a great time to fire an employee, but now is the best time to terminate relationships with those who simply aren’t working out. Here’s why. The holidays are right around the corner-It’s a well-known fact that most employers prefer not to fire people during the holiday season. The New Year rolls around and […]

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A Note to Parents: Why Your College Grad Can’t Find Work

Over the past several days, I’ve been in discussion with a number of people on how the recession is preventing recent college grads from finding employment. Some believe the economy is to blame for the inability of youth to land meaningful employment. Others believe there are deeper forces at play. Read this and decide for […]

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Return to Sender: A Letter to Netflix’s Reed Hastings

Dear Reed, It was so nice to finally hear from you this morning, as I would have expected you would have written right after you increased my bill by nearly 60 percent. I guess you were busy figuring out ways you were going to spend your newfound wealth. That being said, I read your letter […]

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Has Your Company Gone Mad?

In honor of Mad Men winning it’s fourth Emmy in a row for Outstanding Drama Series I’m re-running this post. Has Your Company Gone Mad? I’m a huge fan of MadMen and apparently so are a number of innovative company leaders. These companies are taking some of the best practices of the sixties and inserting […]

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How to be Outrageously Successful

We look at famous people and wonder how they became overnight successes. The truth is that  most overnight success takes years to achieve. You have to begin somewhere, so where do you start? Establish goals for yourself-As I told audience members of a webinar that I conducted this morning, it’s hard to get to where […]

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Is it a Mistake for Leaders to Admit Mistakes?

One of the biggest mistakes I see leaders make is failing to admit when a mistake has been made. No one is perfect, yet for some reason many leaders act as if it is not possible to have made a mistake. Instead, they choose to blame market conditions or other people for things that may […]

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Bad Behavior at the Top: Yahoo and Carol Bartz

I just received a call from a reporter filing a story on the recent ousting of Yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz, who was fired by phone by Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board and got even through e-mail. The reporter asked me whether I thought it was ever ok to fire an employee over the phone. Here […]

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The Hiring Process: Finding Great Hires in Any Economy

It takes a great hiring process to land great people. That’s because the best people are just as selective as you are. So here are some questions to ask yourself about your hiring process. Are you screening people out, rather than in? Using knockout questions as your sole source of screening will result in a […]

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What to Do When You’ve Been Passed Over for Promotion

  In the old days, you could simply say, “I quit!” when the promotion you felt you deserved went to someone else. Today, the response to being passed over for promotion isn’t as clear cut. For a moment, let’s assume that you need to keep your job because there is little in the way of […]

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