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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lousy Employers Attract Lousy Employees–Here’s Your Turnaround Plan

Everyone wants top talent, yet few are willing to do the work that is required to be deserving of these people. That’s great news for those who are serious about becoming the type of workplace where everyone wants to work. I had a meeting the other day with a prospect and we were discussing why […]

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Are You Doing the Same Things and Getting No Where?

I stay in touch with my prospects and often find that nothing has changed since our last conversation, although they swear they’ve been working diligently on matters related to their businesses. Now imagine where they would be today if they had accepted the help they needed and were able to move forward? Here are five […]

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Is it Time for You to Quit Your Job?

The signs are there. You just have to be willing to read the writing on the wall. In my book, Suddenly in Charge, I talk about the five signs that it’s time to quit your job. Here are three of them: You call in sick more than you call in well. Your job is making […]

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Experience Matters

Yesterday, my husband and I paid a visit to Lowes to look at grills. We were quite impressed by the number of associates there to serve customers. That was until we discovered that none of these people knew anything about grills. You would think a place like Lowes would have one or two grill masters […]

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Coaching Key to Employee Retention

A recent study conducted by OI Partners found that employee  turnover has substantially increased even in this shaky economy. Many are bracing for the wave that is about to hit their firms the moment the floodgates open and job opportunities become more available. My most successful clients understand that retention isn’t an overnight fix and […]

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Dealing with Difficult Employees

The following is an excerpt from Suddenly in Charge, which is being featured on Amazon this month. Downloads are available for $1.99. Ask managers what they dislike most about their jobs and the majority will say, dealing with problem employees. Problem employees are a fact of life so the sooner you learn how to deal […]

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Are Your Toxic Employees Poisoning the Workplace?

Toxic employees These are those employees with a “bad attitude.” They are negative people and are never satisfied, no matter what you do on their behalf. These are the people who spread gloom and resentment, which makes everyone around them feel icky. And who wants to work in an icky place? So we see turnover…now […]

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Four Signs it’s Time to Say Goodbye to An Employee

To celebrate the selection of Suddenly in Charge for Amazon/Kindles special promotion this month, I am posting excerpts from Suddenly in Charge. The complete book is available for download for $1.99 through the month of April.  Click here to download I’m often see managers do everything they can to save a relationship that in the […]

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Invest $1.99 and Get the Raise You Deserve

I’m not going to throw in a set of steak knives with this exceptional offer but I am going to direct you to the Amazon/Kindle store where my book, Suddenly in Charge is being featured in this month’s exclusive promotion. In fact, my book is #1 in the Kindle Leadership Category. Here’s an excerpt from […]

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Great Service Down Under

No, this post isn’t about a great customer service experience in Australia. In fact, this situation happened right here in the great state of Massachusetts. I had a meeting the other day at Harvard University. If you’ve ever been to Harvard you know there is no parking in the Yard or anywhere else for that […]

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