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Four Signs it’s Time to Say Goodbye to An Employee


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I’m often see managers do everything they can to save a relationship that in the end, takes then down. Here are four signs that a relationship cannot or should not be saved.

Signs this relationship cannot or should not be saved

There are clear indicators that some relationships are not repairable. If you fail to recognize these signs early on, others will question your judgment. Here are a few examples:

  • Your employee goes to your boss and tells her you are inept. It’s very difficult to rebuild trust with an employee who has just stabbed you in the back.
  • An employee knowingly divulges confidential information to your competitors. This person has decided to play for the other team. Trade him or her before they do more damage.
  • Your work styles are incompatible. For example, you require work to be completed when it is assigned and they have no comprehension of deadlines.
  • Your employee has asked you to match a job offer he has just received. If you agree to do this, it won’t be long before he decides he’s unhappy again and either asks for more money or quits to take a new job.

In time, you will learn that there will be situations where no matter what you do, things are not going to work out. Relationships require both parties working together towards a common goal. Neither party will survive if you aren’t working in concert with one another. You have a choice to make. Are you willing to let go of the other party so you don’t go down with them or will you continue to hang on until such time as you are the one who is asked to leave?

What would you add to this list? Please post your response in the comment section.


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