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Great Service Down Under

No, this post isn’t about a great customer service experience in Australia. In fact, this situation happened right here in the great state of Massachusetts.

I had a meeting the other day at Harvard University. If you’ve ever been to Harvard you know there is no parking in the Yard or anywhere else for that matter. That means you have to pull into a parking garage and pray you find a space. I did exactly that in a lot operated by Central Parking Systems. Lucky for me, I was greeted by an employee whose enthusiasm could be felt on every level of the garage. This gentleman offered to take my car and park it for me in one of those spaces that only a well trained driver would ever get into or out of for that matter. I went off to my meeting thrilled to know that my car needs were handled.

Upon my return, I encountered another exceptional employee who worked in the office of the garage at 124 Mt. Auburn Street. He couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful.

I suspect these jobs may not be the most desirable, as there are days when one barely sees the outside, but somehow Central Parking Systems has hired not one, but two exceptional employees to service their customers. I don’t think that having two helpful employees running their garage is a coincidence. This organization has found a way to hire people who are great at interacting with customers.

There is a lot to be learned from those who work underground. Perhaps it’s time to pay a visit so you can see for yourself what it’s like to deliver high levels of customer service in a work environment that is most likely a lot different than the Ivory Towers where most of us reside.


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