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Monthly Archives: November 2012

This is How You Get Great Hiring Results

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with the CEO of a technology company. During our conversation, he shared with me his challenges around hiring the right sales people for his organization. You see, his business requires some very specific experience that isn’t easy to find. He  told me that he had placed these jobs […]

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Good to Great

Thanks to Jim Collins, everyone wants to go from good to great. Ask they why and they’ll tell you they don’t know; they just have to go from good to great. When I hear this, I always think this will be another flavor of the month program, unless of course Collins releases a new book. […]

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Clearing Your Airways So Everyone Can Breathe

Quick, how many people are sitting in your office right now who shouldn’t be? These are the people who are clogging the airways of your organization and making it difficult for your company to breathe. You must let go so you can move forward. I understand that many of you may be thinking that the […]

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Increasing Profitability by Giving Your Managers An Extra 8 Hours a Week

In a recent survey developed by Robert Half and conducted by an independent research firm it was discovered that  on average, supervisors spend 17 percent of their time — nearly one day per week — overseeing poorly performing employees. However, managers aren’t the only ones to suffer the effects of a bad hire. Ninety-five percent […]

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Employees Model the Behaviors They See

If members of your leadership team are rude, why would you expect your employees to act any differently? People model the behaviors they see. If someone you know leaves you a message, why wouldn’t you take five minutes out of your day to call them back? I don’t understand this kind of behavior. If you […]

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