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Do You Have a Clue How Your Brand is Being Represented?

File today’s post under you can’t make this up. I just called the reservation line for Hilton Hotels and was told the following. “Can you spell consulting? I’m not a good speller.” Yikes! “Can you spell Matuson?” I totally get, as my name isn’t the easiest to spell.

Now here’s the ironic thing. I was calling the Hilton to make a reservation because I’m heading to San Diego next week to speak with a group of hotel owners. I don’t know whether they will laugh or cry when I tell them what just happened to me.  However, one thing is for sure. I’ll certainly grab their attention with this story.

I tell my clients to shop their businesses on a weekly basis. This includes calling yourself to see if you can get through. (You’d be surprised by the number of my clients who can’t get a hold of themselves.) Walking into a location or department unannounced and/or sending your significant other or a friend to see how your employees are treating customers.

By the time you read this I will have Tweeted and posted on LinkedIn and Facebook regarding this experience with Hilton Hotels. Is this how you want your brand represented for all to see?

Don’t have time? Give me a call and I’ll shop your business. And by the way, in case you are wondering, here’s how it’s spelled. C-O-N-S-U-L-T-I-N-G


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