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How to Create Your Own Recipe For Success

You cannot simply take someone else’s hiring recipe and make it your own. Nor can you provide people with a 45-minute video on hiring and expect them to become experts in talent selection. The majority of people are not experts after viewing these online programs, and if the majority of people are responsible for hiring in your organization, then consider bringing in an expert to work side-by-side with your people to help them hone their skills.

When I work with clients to accelerate and improve their ability to hire top talent, we always begin by working off of one recipe. We create a recipe that is unique to the company by:

·      Clarifying the values or traits that the company is looking for to create our hiring base.

·      Sprinkling in other ingredients as necessary.

·      Practicing the newly-learned skills in a safe environment until everyone is confident that they’ve mastered them.

Some recipes are worth keeping and passing from generation to generation, and others should be tossed. When it comes to employee selection, how would your clients rate your hiring recipe?

Learn how to create a recipe for success that will delight your customers for years to come. Download a copy of Selecting for Success here:

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