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Why Bother to Hire Talent If You Aren’t Going To Use It?

I just received a call this morning from a talented individual who, had been diligently job searching for the past several months, saying that she just left the company she was recently hired to work for. Why? Because upon arrival at her new job, they had nothing for her to do. That’s right. They spent time and money looking for the ideal candidate and when they finally did find this person, they were unprepared for her arrival.

Great people don’t want jobs with fancy titles and nothing to do. They don’t want to waste their time twiddling their thumbs nor do they want to remain with an organization that is disorganized as this company was.

So before you go out there locked and loaded and ready to hire, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What exactly will this person be doing and is our organization ready to absorb a high caliber employee?
  • What are the 30-60-90 day objectives we will ask of this person?
  • Is our timing right to bring this person on board or are we better off waiting?

It’s hard enough to find great people. The last thing you want to do is to tarnish your employment brand as word spreads quickly about workplaces where employees come to work and companies have no idea why these people are there.

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