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The Need For Speed

Excessive Speeding Careless Driving ConceptWhen it comes to hiring top talent, speed is the name of the game. Hiring managers who delay the selection process are losing top candidates to other companies. Think about it. You are a highly sought after candidate or even an Average Joe and you are in conversation with a number of companies regarding employment. One company is moving  ahead rapidly while the others are dragging their feet. You know the drill of those having a difficult time committing. It usually sounds like this:

“We have to involve John in the hiring process. He’s in China right now and is expected back in two weeks.”

“We are waiting for HR to get back to us regarding our proposed offer. Hang in there…they’re very busy and we should know something within the next week or so.”

“You’re the first candidate we’ve interviewed. We can’t possibly decided until we see everyone.”

These responses are  fine and dandy, but not in a market where speed matters. Even a day’s delay can make a difference between hearing the words, “Yes, I’d love to accept your offer,” and “Sorry, I just accepted a job yesterday.”

So the next time you enter the hiring highway, remember to keep your foot on the accelerator and move full speed ahead and don’t hesitate to run over anyone or any policy that gets in your way.


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