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Why A Coach Might Be Exactly What You Need

Depositphotos_Coach_lCoaching has come a long way since the days when companies used an outside resource to help fix toxic behavior at the top of the organization. Today, coaches are widely used across all levels of the organization to help people accelerate their development and improve their performance as leaders. Heck, even quarterback superstar Tom Brady has a coach or two! A great coach can help you make the most of your natural abilities and find ways to work around your weaknesses. So why would you even think of passing up this wonderful opportunity to up your game?

You may be thinking my company will never provide me with a coach. For some that may be true. However for many, coaches are available for the asking. Here’s what you should be looking for when selecting a coach to help dramatically boost your performance.

  1. Seek someone who has been there. You wouldn’t jump out of a plane with someone who has never skydived. So why would you hire a coach who has never done what you are seeking to do? When searching for a coach, find someone who has achieved the level of success you are aiming for.
  2. Forget the certifications. Coaching is like the big bad West. There is no widely accepted certification granting organization in the field of coaching, although some may argue they are indeed the only ones who can deem people coaches. While I applaud people’s efforts to be effective coaches by attending certification programs, I would not turn someone away who has worked directly with clients to improve their conditions, simply because they didn’t have initials after their name.
  3. Chemistry-At the end of the day, it comes down to fit. If you watch Dancing with The Stars, you know what I mean. Some stars perform at a higher level when their teacher is a taskmaster, while others need a more subtle approach. You know yourself best. Find a coach who will take you out of your comfort zone and will make you the best you can be.
  4. Focus on the quality; not the price-We can get to the same destination in a four-cylinder car, yet some of us choose to drive a high-performance vehicle that will get us there faster. Of course there is a cost to making this choice. Like cars, coaches come in a variety of models. Know what you’re getting and be sure you’re not sacrificing speed for cost.

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