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Sometimes The Problem Is You

businessman hiding face not my faultYesterday, the WSJ, in an article titled Outdated: The Plain-Vanilla Accountant, featured three companies that were in desperate need of accountants. The US unemployment rate for accountants and auditors is 2.9% in the first quarter. That compares to an overall jobless rate of 5.4% in April. We can all agree that it’s tough to find people these days. In particular accountants. But what if the problem isn’t the economy? What if the problem is you?

One of the companies featured in this story is York Telecom. I was intrigued by the comments made by their CFO, Judi Pulig so I hopped on over to their website to see what they were doing to attract talent. I searched high and low for their jobs page, at least three times, and came up blank. A career page…yes. A listing of job openings…no. Now I may have very well missed this. If I did, then you can bet others are missing this as well.

“It was a struggle to find people who are qualified,” notes Pulig. Indeed, I’m sure it is. By why make a difficult task harder? Stop blaming the economy and start paying attention to the details. A few simple changes, such as actually listing your job openings on your website, can vastly improve your odds of filling your jobs.

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